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Once you decide that you want to begin a postcard marketing campaign, you need to begin designing a postcard that both captures what your business is about while also capturing your potential customer’s attention. At Phoenix Blueprints, we are experts in both graphic design and postcard marketing, meaning we’ll help you make the best postcard and get it in the hands of the customers who need it the most. If you’re interested in beginning the design for your postcard, continue reading to learn some tips to use in your postcard design!


First impressions are everything. When your postcard gets delivered to your potential customers’ hands, you need to make sure it appeals to them and gets them to read the entire postcard. At Phoenix Blueprints, we recommend going in strong with a visually appealing picture and font that entices the customer to continue reading the postcard. If you choose a boring font on a white background, you may not get the attention you’re looking for. But, when you choose a bold font on top of a beautiful image, your potential customer may be drawn in by curiosity and continue reading about the available deals you’re offering. This is how you make a valuable first impression!


Where skepticism runs rampant through online clickbait, your physical postcard’s headline is not as easily dismissible. Rather than declining to click the link to your business’ page, the customer has the card in his or her hand and is deciding whether to keep or throw away your postcard. This starts with the Business name and is followed by the headline. Your headline should drive home your primary message with clarity and accuracy because it could make or break the postcard’s shelf life. For a headline, it’s better to keep it short and sweet rather than long and vague. Your headline should be easy to digest and rememberable. Following the headline, then you can get into the specifics and explain what you’re offering your customers. 


Within any postcard, your messages should complement the headline. However, your message should also be clear and concise: providing the customer the information with little to no fluff. If the potential customers understand what they’re reading, they may be more inclined to choose your company over a competitor. 


At Phoenix Blueprints, postcards are an artform. They may seem like junk mail to some, but they can be a gateway to a whole new customer base. Our mission at Phoenix Blueprints is to deliver the best postcard designs and prints available, which is a major portion of our satisfied customer base. If you have an idea for your postcard but don’t know where to take it, or have no clue what you want your postcard to look like, Phoenix Blueprints is here to help! Our team knows how to listen to someone’s vision and turn it into reality. We promise that you will absolutely love the postcard you sent out, and if you don’t, we will make sure we fix it until you are happy with the final product.


Phoenix Blueprints offers a variety of six postcard sizes, starting with the classic 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″ formats that are great to promote sales or send as appointment reminders. The 5.5″ x 8.5″, 6″ x 9″, and 6.25″ x 9″ sizes will help your message stand out from the crowd. Our handbill-sized 8.5″ x 11″ postcard is perfect for flyers. All of our products are printed on high-quality paper and in a very fine printing quality for your complete satisfaction. To get started or to see examples of our past works, get in contact with one of our team members today!

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