Why Every Door Direct Mail Is Good For Your Business

If you were told that you can reach new customers, grow your business and increase your revenue without spending a fortune, would you do it? We all know the answer to that question. The big question is, what marketing strategy are we talking about? It’s called every door direct mail, and it’s an underappreciated service that your business should start utilizing. All you need to do is contact Phoenix Blueprints for our premium printing services and leave the rest up to your incredible design and USPS.

What Is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?

EDDM is a bulk mail service offered by the United States Postal Service. It’s an incredible way to grow your small business within your community. You don’t need a mailing list or even need to know a single address – just use the EDDM online tool to select the mailing routes you think your business will benefit most from. Drop it off at the post office and your material will be delivered to every active address on the selected route. The cost of this service is the same as a bulk mailing permit.

Is This Marketing Strategy Effective? 

Every door direct mail has the potential of being incredibly effective if you know who you’re targeting. If you think it will be hard to define your demographic with blanket marketing tactics such as this one, you’d be surprised. In fact, the EDDM platform designed by USPS allows you to specify demographics, including age, household size, and income. From there, simply put your marketing skills to work. For example, if you’re promoting your assisted care living services to a route that’s highly populated with Millennials and Gen Xers, you may not attract many customers. But you’re certain to find a route with your target demographic. 

Keep in mind, every household on the route you have selected will receive your material. So, if you wanted to target specific households, direct mail marketing may be a better solution.

How Should You Get Started? 

As with any marketing initiative, start things off with a clear goal. What are your marketing efforts designed to accomplish? Are you trying to generate more leads? Bring attention to your sale? Get customers to your grand opening? Learning who your demographic is on each route can help you get started. Depending on the success of your first campaign, you can decide whether EDDM is right for your business.

Timing Is Everything 

We’re all accustomed to the immediacy of digital marketing, but keep in mind that every door direct mail is far from immediate. It takes approximately 7-14 days for your mail to be delivered. Therefore, it’s recommended that you drop it off at the post office one or two weeks before you want it to arrive. If you’re doing a campaign during the holidays, shoot for no later than two weeks due to high mail volume. It’s always best to err on the side of caution. Nobody wants their grand opening mailer to be delivered one week after their store’s opening.

What Is The Most Effective Marketing Material? 

When in doubt, keep it simple and apply the best practices you would typically use for your digital marketing efforts. Postcards typically perform best for EDDM, followed by newsletters. Keep your design simple, and your message short and to the point. It’s also recommended to add a coupon or discount, as this can incentivize people to place your material on a coveted spot on the refrigerator. End it off with a call to action to inspire people to call, check out your website, or book an appointment.

As you can see, it works much like an email blast. To ensure high-quality images, contact Phoenix Blueprints for our premium printing services. We’ll make sure your material is printed in accordance with USPS guidelines. USPS has fairly specific guidelines, but you’ll find that it’s simple once you get past the learning curve. All instructions can be found on their site.

Bottom Line 

This strategy may be surprisingly effective for your business.  One thing is for sure, your brand will get a lot of exposure. Apply your fundamental marketing knowledge, and you may get an entire neighborhood at your business doors. Make sure to couple EDDM with your traditional, digital, and direct mail marketing efforts.

Don’t forget, when you need quality service, contact Phoenix Blueprints. We use the latest printing technology to meet all your printing needs.

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