Why Direct Mail Marketing Still Matters

Avid digital marketing users will often think that you’re draining your money by using direct mail marketing print production services. People often think that the brochures or fliers created for direct mail marketing are never read and that this marketing channel is dead. 

But is it, though?

Recent research showed that customers preferred getting direct mail rather than email, and another research showed that in 2018, the average response rate for direct mail has increased by 4.9%. 

Companies that often use direct mail understand its significance, but for those who don’t, here’s why you should. 

It Stays Effective for a Longer Time

Your direct mail attempts are a lot like a note you can stick on the fridge. The people you send brochures or fliers to don’t discard them right away. These fliers stay on their desks or dashboards for a long time, and every time they see these pages, they’re reminded of your business. 

While they may not take action instantly, your business will linger in their mind until they’re ready to contact you. Digital marketing, on the other hand, doesn’t have recall as strong as this. 

You Can Communicate With Your Customers 

 In every business, retaining customers is vital. Retention opens up room for long-term relationships, repeat customers, high levels of loyalty, and customer referrals. Hence, your communication lines with customers must always be open. Companies often use direct mail marketing print production services to stay in touch with their target market. 

Even if you’re not actively selling a product or a service, you should still stay in touch. For instance, in uncertain times like these, you can send motivational and encouraging messages to your customers. This way, your customers are going to appreciate the fact that you’re thinking about them. When this channel is up and running, you can use it when you need to market a product or a service. 

You can also use direct mail marketing print production services to re-establish links with customers who have disappeared. Take a look at their transactional history and try to understand what went wrong. This way, you’ll be able to strategize, which will help you address their changing needs. 

Using Direct Mail to Promote Digital Offers

One great way of fusing digital and direct together is to print a piece that promotes your digital offers or products. For instance, Motorola and Verizon tried this method to capture their target market’s attention before the Super Bowl. They started the campaign by sending direct mail to a few targeted individuals. 

The CTA of this mail asked customers to visit a page that gave them a chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl. All customers had to do to access the page was to scan the QR code on the paper, or they could enter the URL manually, too. To enter the contest, visitors had to watch a small video.

All in all, if you’re trying to achieve the same result, you’re going to need a compelling reason. Evaluate your target market and ask yourself: what will drive them to scan a QR code? 

Building a Distinct Brand Image

If you’re trying to build awareness for your brand, direct marketing can be an effective way to start. Consistency is a vital aspect of marketing, regardless of the channel you’re focusing on. Thus, your direct mail campaigns need to be consistent with your branding attempts, too. You can also use direct mail to send out information for special offers, coupons, or current events. 

Direct mail also lets your customers know that you’re willing to focus on every marketing channel at your disposal. This gives the impression that you’re trying to go the extra mile to ensure high brand visibility. 

It’s Fast and Easy

A direct mail campaign is fast and easy to execute. Companies that use direct mail often don’t need to invest many resources and time, which can benefit their business in the long run. You can send out bulk mail quickly and then track their performance (number of coupons redeemed or number of calls you’ve received).

On the other hand, direct mail is more convenient for your customers, too. They can easily digest information which can improve the reaction you get on your call-to-responses. Research has shown that CTAs used on direct mail are 21% more effective

Wrapping Up

The benefits of direct mail marketing print production services can help improve your lead generation efforts. It is a cost-effective investment that can give you a high return if executed correctly. To get started with your direct mail marketing attempts, contact Phoenix Blueprints for a one-stop solution for all of your printing-related needs. 

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