What are the Advantages of Using Door Hangers to Advertise Your Business?

Door hangers are one of the oldest forms of marketing there is, and it still is used by tons of people, organizations, and businesses today. This longtime use of this method proves one thing to us, that it’s effective. Even with the world progressing to becoming more digitally centered with social media, electronic billboards, and fancy signs, door hangers remain to be a powerful marketing tool. While some businesses still choose to overlook this method, the ones who don’t prove to gain so much from it. Not only does this method guarantee that your target is going to receive the piece of the advertisement but you are also adding a little bit of a personal touch by going out of your way to put it on the door. When you choose to work with Phoenix’s Blueprints you are no doubt going to find this effective method 10-times more effectively. This is because, with your business tactics and our creative printing process, people are bound to be drawn to your door hanger. Still not sure that an old-fashioned method can do wonders for you? Keep reading to see the many advantages of door hangers.


Guaranteed to Reach Your Audience

When you use the door hanger as a means of reaching your audience you are 100% guaranteed that they are going to see it. The hanger is securely fastened on the door and cannot come off without someone physically taking it off, forcing them to take a peek at what it could be. The majority of people who take this item off your door are going to bring it into their home and take a few minutes to read it over. This is the opposite of when people go through their mail and throw out any junk mail they see. This method will at least guarantee your business is looked at and mentally compartmentalized. The door hanger is also a great way of getting your name out there to others in the community. While it is hanging there waiting to be brought inside the neighbors walking around may notice it and take a mental note of what company placed it there. You never know when they may need your service and decide to look you up.


Affordable Marketing

Some of the most popular methods of marketing also tend to be the most expensive. This makes us wonder if some people just think the high price tag guarantees high reward. However, the price tag does not always mean that one method is guaranteed to work. For example, door hangers are one of the most inexpensive methods of marketing yet has been around for decades. With social media marketing thriving door hanger marketing still appears to be an efficient method, if not more efficient than social media marketing. The best part about the low price is that for those businesses who have never tried door hanging marketing before, you can try it once and not feel guilty about spending tens of thousands of dollars on it. The method is simply low risk and high reward.


They Provide Your Audience With New Information

This benefit of door hanger marketing is one of those that piggybacks off of how affordable they are. When you choose to use door hangers you are given the ability to update the door hanger as many times as necessary to fit the seasonal promotions, new product updates, general information on your business, and more. Due to the door hangers being so cheap you can update them as often as needed without facing some large fee. This can work in your favor if your business runs on an appointment based system. Say one of your customers is due back for an appointment soon, you can use the door hanger as a way of distributing information and having a reminder part on it. The customer will remember they are due soon and will be more inclined to call and set up an appointment. The many types of tactics you can use with door hangers are endless.


Are you ready to change up your marketing style? Phoenix Blueprints are here for you. Our staff knows exactly how to create a door hanger that is unique to your business, effective at communication information, and functional to stay on the door handle. With us, on your side, you cannot lose. Give us a call today at (954) 371-0197 to learn more.

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