The Power of a Customizable T-Shirt

f you are a business owner, you may require your employers to wear business casual attire to work. However, there are some instances where a customized t-shirt or polo should be allowed or enforced. We say this because what many people don’t know is that a customizable company shirt holds a lot of power inside and outside of work. If you have never known that before, don’t be too stressed, Tons of businesses miss out on the marketing method that is customized t-shirts. And if you are now curious and want to learn more about this kind of marketing method, keep reading. Our team at Phoenix Blueprints specializes in customized shirts and has all the information you need.


Easy Marketing

Besides paying for the shirts to give to your employees and customers, the marketing aspect is free. The shirts do the work for you. When someone wears your business shirt around town, they are exposing your company to many people. Some of these people may not have heard of the company before, but now that they do, they may decide to go with you for their service or product needs. Even if they don’t need what you can offer, they may be able to recommend your company to a friend, family member, or neighbor. The best part about this is that all you had to do was get the shirts made and give them to people. The rest works itself out. To get the most out of this method of marketing, we recommend giving out some shirts for free to customers or clients. Sometimes people will throw on a t-shirt, regardless of what it says, to run errands or go to the gym. If someone asks them about the shirt, they will be able to inform the person about your service and how great it was.


Customizable to Fit Your Brand

One of the best parts about having shirts made for your company is that they can be customized to fit your brand. We’re talking logos, color schemes, promotions, and fonts. Everything that makes your business stand out, we can have it on the shirt. This tool is useful because sometimes people know of your business but don’t see it enough to know a lot about it or use its services. But, when someone sees the features they recognize on a shirt, they are more inclined to keep your business in mind in the future. You can also get shirts made for specific promotions and times of the year. For example, if your company has a new promotion running for the holidays, then getting a type of shirt made for the promotion can help drive sales.



Many of the modern marketing tools are costly. From digital marketing to billboards, nothing is cheap. But, when you go with the more simple yet powerful methods such as shirt marketing, you save a lot of money and get near free marketing. Shirts are inexpensive to make, especially in a bulk order. You also are more likely to reach your target audience going with shirts over more static methods such as billboards. The reason is that shirts are always moving around. Whether a client is wearing it out or an employee wears it to do errands after work, your audience is going to see it. You also only need to make t-shirts a few times. Once your employees have a shirt, they are good to go. And clients or customers only need one, too.


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If you are looking for a way to market your company for the long-term, then t-shirt marketing is the solution for you. T-shirts are in people’s wardrobes for years to come. Whether someone wears it to the grocery store or the gym, your company gets the exposure it needs. All you have to do is reach out to our team with your shirt ideas, and we can bring your vision to life. It’s as easy as that. To learn more about customizable shirts and how to get them made for your company, give our team at Phoenix Blueprints, located in Coral Springs, Florida, a call today at (954) 371-0197. Our team is looking forward to assisting you!

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