Postcard Marketing: The Most Effective Method of Direct Mail Marketing

Businesses these days tend to focus more and more on marketing in a digital way. This is great and all; however, with every business doing it, and some not even doing it efficiently, it makes us wonder why to stick to only one method of marketing. After all, there was nothing wrong with marketing before the internet, just that the internet was new and modern. This is all especially true when you look at some of the direct mail methods of marketing such as postcard marketing. Postcard marketing was effective and remains effective to this day, making it mind-blowing to us how some businesses completely stopped direct mail marketing after the internet became a thing. To reach the most people and potential clients, you need to keep it old school. With postcard marketing from Phoenix Blueprints, you are bound to attract the attention of new and old customers alike, benefiting your business directly.

People Still Check the Mail

The most obvious reason that direct mail marketing via postcards is effective is due to how many people still check their mail every day. A recent study even found that an estimated 86% of people check their mail daily and take the time to look through the mail. This is huge for businesses. Sending mail only about 14% of people won’t see are pretty great odds. Take this statistic compared to the internet where people are only shown the ad if it is targeted towards them and something they feel the need to click on. This results in fewer people clicking as many people go on the internet to look for something specific rather than shop around. But with postcard marketing, you are sending it to everyone in a way that people are going to have to see the advertisement with additional information. You are much more likely to get customers from this form of marketing as opposed to digitally.


Ever since the rise of technology prices have skyrocketed, or so it seems. Technology is naturally going to be very expensive which means that anything you do with it most likely will be too. The same goes for digital marketing. Digital marketing will have you pay per click to your website, but this click does not mean the person is going to buy anything or even stay on the website for long. On the other hand, direct mail marketing with postcards is very cheap to produce and deliver. After production, designing, and delivery of the Phoenix Blueprint postcards you can expect each postcard to still only cost you cents as opposed to tens of hundreds of dollars. This is a pretty big difference. You only have peace of mind that you are paying for results. People are going to, for the most part, see your postcard and get exposed to your business and what it’s all about. Whether they become a customer today or put the postcard aside for the future and become a customer in a few months, it is still an effective marketing tactic.

Easily Customized

The one thing about the internet is that everything that you can do on it requires you to learn a completely new skill. This makes it hard for beginners to design appealing ads and promotional material. And since everything digital is expensive, hiring someone to do said ads can cost a business a fortune. Keep in mind too that this is before even paying for the clicks of the ad. These obstacles are all avoided when you stick with good old fashioned postcard marketing. Costing cents for every part of the process, you are truly getting the bang for your buck. Our team even customizes the postcard from start to finish with your input constantly influencing the direction the deigning goes. This way you can see your vision come to life without breaking the bank.

Does postcard marketing sound like something your business can benefit from? If so, contact Phoenix blueprint to learn more. We can have the postcard designed in a way that best represents your business and will best appeal to your customers, making the card that much more effective. Our postcards are cost-effective and of the highest quality, making them the perfect tool to boost your business’s presence. To learn more about postcard marketing and Phoenix Blueprint, give us a call today at (954) 951-8735. We are looking forward to helping you!

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