How Does the Custom T-Shirt Process Work?

If you haven’t already heard of the great benefits of having customizable t-shirts for your company, then we got you covered. Here at Phoenix Blueprints, we are all about marketing your company in the most effective way possible. This includes t-shirt marketing for many reasons, but the main one is due to the number of people who will see the t-shirts. When your employees and customers wear your company’s t-shirt out and about your company gets exposure and some new clients. This is because t-shirts tend to garner attention from people. And since people move around a lot and run errands now and again, every time someone wears your t-shirt you are going to have more and more people seeing your company. T-shirts truly are an investment. The more people who wear them the more walking advertisements you have. So now that you are familiar with the power of t-shirts, you may be looking to get some of your own. That’s where Phoenix Blueprints comes in to help out.

The Designing Process

Before you have your unique and custom t-shirts you are going to need to design them. Luckily, Phoenix Blueprints has options for you. You can either hop on the website to design your very own t-shirt, or you can call in and have one of our experts help you out with it. If you choose the online process you are going to find it very simple. The first page will have you pick what kind of shirt you want. This can be a t-shirt, a polo shirt, a hoodie, a jersey tee, and more. The options truly are endless and range from kids’ sizes to adult. Once you pick out what shirt you want to design, it’s time to get creative. There will be options for you to pick what color you want and what size you need the shirt to be. From there, you can add images, text, and art to the tee. This is where your business’s logo and images can come into play. Whether you want to keep the shirts streamlined and keep the logo the same as your company or try something new and add in a new image, the options are endless.

The Production Process

Once you design the shirt and pick out the quantity of how many you want, we handle the rest. We make sure to expertly produce the shirts so they turn out exactly how you wanted them. The worst thing is designing something for it to look completely different. This is simply not the case with Phoenix Blueprints. We also make sure all the shirts are of high quality. This way your customers and employees will want to wear the shirt and won’t just see it as another pajama shirt.

The Delivery

This part is one of the easiest in the entire process. All you need to do is give us an address to ship the shirts to and we do the rest. You can expect to receive the shirts in one box on your doorstep promptly. From start to finish, the process will be done in the timeframe you need it done with our team making sure to update you every step of the way. The doorstep delivery is perfect for businesses that do not have the time to stop in the middle of the day and pick up the shirts. We do this so companies who are not necessarily close to our Coral Springs location can get the shirts without the hassle. Whether you are located in Palm Beach County, Broward, or Miami-Dade, we can deliver to you.

If you are looking for a new way to market your company then look no further. T-shirt marketing is here and it is now. Make sure your company gets their t-shirts before other businesses and competitors do. In the modern-day, the best way to attract customers is to stand out, and what better way to stand out than a walking advertisement in the form of t-shirts. To learn more about t-shirt marketing and Phoenix Blueprints, give us a call today at (954) 324-2156. We are looking forward to helping you put your business on the map!

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