Here’s How Direct Mail Marketing Can Benefit Your Small Business

Marketing is one of the hot topics of the business world, but few companies truly succeed in marketing their business. We all know large, multinational corporations that spend millions on their marketing efforts, but as a small business, you don’t have access to the same resources. However, there are tons of ways you can boost your brand, including online marketing, social content marketing, influencer marketing, and SEO marketing. Unfortunately, the online market has become overly saturated with content. All this content makes important messages difficult to find, and possibly force you to miss out on deals or new information. As a small business, you need a more tangible marketing strategy – and direct mail marketing is a great place to start!  Direct mail marketing is a form of marketing that utilizes postcards or flyers to be sent directly to prospective customers’ homes. 


Market to a Specific Target Audience

The main reason more and more companies are using direct mail marketing is because it allows you to target specific neighborhoods or communities that have the demographic of customers you’re looking for. By using direct mail marketing with Phoenix Blueprints, your business will create a direct connection to the demographics you’re trying to market to. By using zip codes and other public information, Phoenix Blueprints can help you advertise your company to the community you’re attempting to do business with.


Provide Impactful Content

A major problem with digital marketing is that posts can seem either too short or come across too long. By opting for a physical product, you know the dimensions you’ll be working with, so your content looks better for your potential customers. With flyers and postcards, you can put more of your services into your marketing. You can add your slogan, a catchy title, and the services you provide to offer a landing page, of sorts, to your audience. Stop worrying about whether your social media profile looks aesthetically pleasing and start delivering quality content to your community. 


Guaranteed Opening Rate  

A significant reason direct mail marketing works well with small businesses is that there is a guaranteed opening rate. The goal with marketing is to convert their interest into a sale, and that can’t be achieved if your content gets lost in a spam folder. Research suggests that once someone physically has touched a product, they feel more inclined to purchase it. To capitalize on this fact, begin investing in postcards or flyers to give prospective customers a tangible product to pique their interest! The more you are direct with your messaging, the better your chances will be to gain some potential customers. 



Arguably the most common reason companies choose direct mail marketing is its affordability! By choosing direct mail marketing from Phoenix Blueprints, you can bulk order your postcards or flyers to be sent to your prospective customers’ homes, saving your business money while still reaching more prospective customers. It’s an excellent option for those that are looking to start small and measure the impact. At Phoenix Blueprints, we recommend that business professionals should test the zip code first before deciding upon a bulk order. Once you know where you want to target your direct mail marketing strategy,  you can begin to invest more in this marketing strategy!


At Phoenix Blueprints, we’re here to help you with all of your printing needs. Our team is filled with knowledgeable individuals dedicated to producing high-quality postcards and flyers for your direct mail marketing needs! Phoenix Blueprints also offers printed business cards, brochures, catalogs, T-shirt printing, booklets, door hangers, and much more! When you choose Phoenix Blueprints, you can expect high quality and fantastic prices. With over ten years in the industry, we’re sure that we can help you with what you’re looking for. If you’re ready for the world to learn more about your brand, then give us a call today at (954)-945-9399 to get started!

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