Four Reasons to Add Every Door Direct Mail to Your Marketing Plan

When you run a business, it’s imperative that you understand what your marketing needs are, and how you can execute in ways that provide the best results. Today, there are many pathways to choose from, including online marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing, and every door direct mail marketing. Every door direct marketing is essentially a mailer or a postcard that has been designed by a company and ends up in a person’s mailbox or at their front door. As online marketing becomes overly saturated, people are becoming more and more drawn to the tangibility of a physical piece of paper. If you’ve been considering every door direct mail, keep reading to learn the benefits!   

Every Door Direct Mail: A Cost-Effective Marketing Option   

First and foremost, every door direct mail is a cost-efficient option that saves you money, while simultaneously producing useful results. There are a few things that you won’t need to buy. You won’t need to buy a mailing list, printed names, or addresses. Additionally, every door direct mail, or EDDM, is one-third of the cost of a stamp! Talk about a more cost-efficient marketing technique!   

 Fit More on a Postcard  

Perhaps the best part of using direct mail is that you can fit plenty of information on a direct mailer. There are a variety of sizes, but some of the most common ones include 6.5” x 9” and 8.5” x 11”. These are the standard sizes, but you can choose almost any size! With this space on a mailer or a postcard, you can fit promotions, imagery, products, events, services, and more. You’ll have the chance to tell your clients all they need to know about your business, and what they can gain from choosing you over your competitors.   

Customizable Options   

Another benefit of mailers is that you have the opportunity to customize your message. Are you targeting different demographics? Are you targeting different businesses? If so, then you’ll want to change your messaging. Perhaps you’ll want to change monthly! Whatever your decision, you’ll be able to change the messages as you go. You can send out many every door direct mailers at a time, which gives you the ability to start small and grow as you see results.   


Last but not least, online marketing, though popular, is becoming increasingly complicated for businesses. People don’t care about the ads and are now immune to clicking on the bait. Therefore, tangible mail marketing is rising, yet again, as more and more people want to physically hold the marketing in their hands. The other benefit is that clients have no option than to look at your work. They’ll have to pull it from their mailbox or take it off of their door.   


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