Custom T-Shirt Printing – A Source of Free Marketing


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Giving away free T-shirts can be a great way to gain attention for your brand or business and build up your customer loyalty. You can let customers promote your business for you by wearing items with your logo on it. A free custom T-Shirt will make a customer happy while promoting your business. It’s a real win-win for everyone.

A t-shirt that has your logo on it can help to make your business more identifiable. They also keep you top of mind when it comes to your customers. Your customers and clients will think of you every time they open their t-shirt drawer.

Businesses aren’t the only groups that can benefit from custom T-Shirts…Volunteer groups, families, and other organizations can show unity and pride with custom T-Shirts. For events and trips, a custom printed t-shirt can be given to all of the attendees is a great way to preserve memories. They serve as a great souvenir while creating a branded identity for future events.

Non-profit organizations can benefit from giving custom t-shirts to donors or by selling shirts at fundraising events. Donors love displaying their philanthropic activities and a t-shirt can be an extra incentive to donate or increase your donation.

A lack of art skills shouldn’t stop you from printing your custom t-shirts. Many print shops will help you create a design if you don’t already have one. They may have graphic designers on hand or an inventory of clip art that you can use. They can help make sure you’ve included all the necessary information and that your files are in the right formats and sizes. Most print shops offer a variety of colors and styles of shirts for custom printing. You may also have the option of providing your own t-shirt if you prefer.

Now that you know how custom t-shirts can provide virtually free marketing for your business, it’s time to get printing. Contact your local print shop to get quotes for the number of t-shirts you need. Phoenix Blue Prints can print t-shirts via garment printing or silkscreen. You can even design your t-shit online! We can print both small batches and larger volume projects.

To get started, visit our website Seemore Shirts & Tees.

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