Why Direct Mail Marketing Still Matters

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Avid digital marketing users will often think that you’re draining your money by using direct mail marketing print production services. People often think that the brochures or fliers created for direct mail marketing are never read and that this marketing channel is dead. 

But is it, though?

Recent research showed that customers preferred getting direct mail rather than email, and another research showed that in 2018, the average response rate for direct mail has increased by 4.9%. 

Companies that often use direct mail understand its significance, but for those who don’t, here’s why you should. 

It Stays Effective for a Longer Time

Your direct mail attempts are a lot like a note you can stick on the fridge. The people you send brochures or fliers to don’t discard them right away. These fliers stay on their desks or dashboards for a long time, and every time they see these pages, they’re reminded of your business. 

While they may not take action instantly, your business will linger in their mind until they’re ready to contact you. Digital marketing, on the other hand, doesn’t have recall as strong as this. 

You Can Communicate With Your Customers 

 In every business, retaining customers is vital. Retention opens up room for long-term relationships, repeat customers, high levels of loyalty, and customer referrals. Hence, your communication lines with customers must always be open. Companies often use direct mail marketing print production services to stay in touch with their target market. 

Even if you’re not actively selling a product or a service, you should still stay in touch. For instance, in uncertain times like these, you can send motivational and encouraging messages to your customers. This way, your customers are going to appreciate the fact that you’re thinking about them. When this channel is up and running, you can use it when you need to market a product or a service. 

You can also use direct mail marketing print production services to re-establish links with customers who have disappeared. Take a look at their transactional history and try to understand what went wrong. This way, you’ll be able to strategize, which will help you address their changing needs. 

Using Direct Mail to Promote Digital Offers

One great way of fusing digital and direct together is to print a piece that promotes your digital offers or products. For instance, Motorola and Verizon tried this method to capture their target market’s attention before the Super Bowl. They started the campaign by sending direct mail to a few targeted individuals. 

The CTA of this mail asked customers to visit a page that gave them a chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl. All customers had to do to access the page was to scan the QR code on the paper, or they could enter the URL manually, too. To enter the contest, visitors had to watch a small video.

All in all, if you’re trying to achieve the same result, you’re going to need a compelling reason. Evaluate your target market and ask yourself: what will drive them to scan a QR code? 

Building a Distinct Brand Image

If you’re trying to build awareness for your brand, direct marketing can be an effective way to start. Consistency is a vital aspect of marketing, regardless of the channel you’re focusing on. Thus, your direct mail campaigns need to be consistent with your branding attempts, too. You can also use direct mail to send out information for special offers, coupons, or current events. 

Direct mail also lets your customers know that you’re willing to focus on every marketing channel at your disposal. This gives the impression that you’re trying to go the extra mile to ensure high brand visibility. 

It’s Fast and Easy

A direct mail campaign is fast and easy to execute. Companies that use direct mail often don’t need to invest many resources and time, which can benefit their business in the long run. You can send out bulk mail quickly and then track their performance (number of coupons redeemed or number of calls you’ve received).

On the other hand, direct mail is more convenient for your customers, too. They can easily digest information which can improve the reaction you get on your call-to-responses. Research has shown that CTAs used on direct mail are 21% more effective

Wrapping Up

The benefits of direct mail marketing print production services can help improve your lead generation efforts. It is a cost-effective investment that can give you a high return if executed correctly. To get started with your direct mail marketing attempts, contact Phoenix Blueprints for a one-stop solution for all of your printing-related needs. 

Call them today on 954 708 1100, or click here to know more.

Can Every Door Direct Mail Improve Your Marketing and Lead to More Sales?

Every Door Direct Mail Coral Springs, FL | Every Door Direct Mail

The lifeblood of any business is sales and reaching out to new customers in cost-effective ways. Typically, businesses are pushed to invest in online marketing to enhance the efficiency of these efforts. 

Sometimes, traditional methods of reaching out to your target market in specific communities and zip codes produce the best results. Every door direct mail is one approach that markets locally to connect with households in geographic areas. 

The challenge is determining if direct mail can work for you and seeing results from these efforts. Businesses of all sizes wrestle with these issues when reaching out to new customers and increasing sales. 

How Does the Marketing Work?

Every door direct mail is where you target specific communities and send them out a postcard, brochure, or flyer. These pieces are delivered to all the addresses on the postal route to reach out to each household. 

You can target your approach by

  • Street
  • Zipcodes
  • Geographic areas

The basic idea is that going into communities puts your information into the hands of prospective customers and lets them know what you do. 

Some businesses prefer this method over others or by coordinating with Internet marketing to improve the effectiveness of campaigns. The focus is on expanding the reach and telling consumers who may know about what the company provides.

At Phoenix Blueprints, we can help you with your direct mail marketing campaign with our 

  • Door hangers
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Envelopes 
  • Booklets

We specialize in making a marketing campaign successful and will customize the print material to your needs. 

Target Marketing

Anytime you are sending mail directly to consumers, you might want to take a targeted approach. You are focusing on specific areas to get out your products and services, such as

  • Households
  • Age 
  • Income

The idea is to connect with your target market that lives in a select area and falls into a subcategory. 

  • For example, let’s say you are an insurance agent and want to reach out to new homeowners in the area. You can target those homes where someone has moved recently using income, age, and household size. Your message is customized to them and what they will need in the future. 

Target marketing is a way of reaching every household by select demographics and getting your business in front of them. 

Phoenix Blueprints knows all about target marketing, and we can create professional-looking materials that connect with your audience. You don’t waste time and money on things that produce no results and focus on what works. 


The timeframe for delivering the direct mail pieces to the target homes is between 7 and 14 days after delivery to the Post Office. If you target rural areas, you can expect the information to reach these households in closer to 14 days. You want to plan for sending this information out with a specific message and ensure the mail arrives on time. 

  • For example, if you are selling Labor Day barbecue grills and party supplies, you want to give yourself some leeway and plan ahead. 

All successful marketing campaigns are well thought out, and you should prepare in advance of an event you will have such a sale or holiday. 

At Phoenix Blueprints, we understand and work with you to ensure you have everything to drop off at the Post Office on time.

The Circumstances

Using direct mail marketing only works under specific circumstances, and you should know that mail pieces are not sent out to businesses on the postal route.

  • For instance, if you sell piping supplies, the Post Office will not deliver the mail to prospective businesses. You must be reaching out to consumers to promote your products and services for the approach to work effectively. 

Phoenix Blueprints can advise you on customizing your marketing needs to the audience and works with you in creating a strategy. 

Every door direct mail can work and lead to more sales if you are marketing to consumers and plan ahead. Call Phoenix Blueprints today at 954-708-1100 and see how we can help you make your marketing efforts a success. We are located off of North University Drive near the Chipotle Mexican Grill in Coral Springs.

6 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Direct Mail Marketing

Postcard Printing | Business Postcards

With so many effective digital marketing trends, some may wonder whether it’s worth executing a direct mail marketing strategy. However, this traditional form of marketing is a great way for your business to engage with its audience. That isn’t to say you should cease your email marketing strategies in favor of direct mail. In fact, the two work well together, as it complements all digital marketing strategies. So, if you think this is a dead marketing technique, think again. Here are six reasons it’s worth your attention.

High Return on Investment 

When compared with email marketing, direct mailers have a stronger performance. The ROI on direct mail marketing is higher than email marketing and it has a much higher response rate. This is largely because of the well-crafted images and messages found on menus, brochures, postcards, and other printed mediums. As a result, it can help you generate more leads and grow your business.

Guaranteed Engagement 

When people pick up their mail, they have to go through it to determine what to keep and what to throw away. In the process of deciding whether to keep it, they typically read the message to see what the mail is about. So, it’s a good idea to add promos, coupons or other incentives to your message. By doing this, your marketing material is more likely to yield an action out of the consumer, and probably earn a spot on their refrigerator.

Easily Target Customers 

If you haven’t tried your hand at direct mailers because you think it will be difficult to target your audience, that’s not the case.  Just like you can use tools to easily engage with your audience digitally, you can use direct mail tools to reach new customers.  If your business has a database with your customer addresses, you can use a direct mail tool that segments customers and enables you to reach those who are more likely to make a purchase. Then contact Seemore Shirts & Tees, Inc. for our direct mail marketing print production services. With our team, you can always expect quality and great prices.

Reach a Bigger Audience

Although most of us rely heavily on apps and the internet, there’s an older population that has not and will not jump on that digital trend. Therefore, it’s likely that, depending on your business, a large chunk of your consumers may not use social media, email, or any other digital mediums, for that matter. What do you do when you want to effectively engage with that demographic? Direct mail marketing is sure to be a more lucrative approach.  

Less Competition 

These days, fewer businesses are using direct mail to reach consumers. If you think its decline in popularity is a reason not to pursue it, you can actually use that fact to your advantage. With less competition, you have a better chance of getting noticed. This is a great opportunity to personalize your message rather than send out generic templates. With over 25 years of experience, you can guarantee that the team at Seemore Shirts & Tees will work efficiently to produce a perfect design for your marketing campaigns.

We’ll handle all your printing needs, including:


We are so accustomed to native, display, and PPC ads while browsing online that it has become easy to ignore them. This is called “banner blindness” and the majority of the U.S. population experiences it. Mail, on the other hand, can’t be so easily ignored. Nobody wants to throw away their mail without first looking through it – largely because an important piece of mail, such as a bill, can be accidentally discarded. With a creative design or clever marketing tactic, you can turn your advertisement into an unforgettable message.

Complements Digital Marketing 

No business should abandon its digital marketing strategies, but as you can see, direct mailers create undeniable opportunities for you to grow your business. Again, direct mail marketing will complement your digital efforts. When used together, you can develop an onslaught of campaigns to increase brand awareness. Contact us about our direct mail marketing print production services so we can turn your designs into brochures, postcards, flyers, and more.

Who Can Benefit From Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Mail Marketing Coral Springs, FL | Direct Mail Marketing Near Me

The digital world we live in today has shaped the way many of us decide how to market ourselves. Now, almost every business, company, and organization is on social media and has a website. And each platform or app requires some form of strategy. 


Strategy is a necessity as there are hundreds of millions of people on social media and even more using the web. However, not everyone can or should rely solely on a digital marketing strategy. Sometimes, the traditional marketing methods, such as direct mail marketing, can be just as effective, if not more. To truly be competitive, utilizing both methods is ideal. But, for those who are unsure if direct mail marketing can benefit them, let us fill you in on why it likely can prove effective. And if you are already on the hunt for digital marketing material, Phoenix Blueprints has you covered.


Large Scale Companies

Some people assume that only smaller-scale businesses can benefit from such a personal tactic, but that’s not the case. Larger companies can also benefit from marketing through traditional methods, such as postcards, door hangers, and coupons. While many residents in the area you are targeting may be aware of your business, it doesn’t hurt to promote new deals, specials, and products. 


Direct marketing is also beneficial if you are planning on opening up a new location. The best way to let the surrounding area and new demographic know is to send out a mailer. If you decide to include a coupon or discount, that’s even more of an incentive for these residents to check out the new location. Not everyone checks the emails they get from large companies, as most people are getting bombarded by promotional emails. The best way to make sure they see the promotion is by mailing it.



Businesses are not the only ones who can benefit from marketing practices. Nonprofits utilize marketing for unique reasons and do not rely on it the way businesses do. However, nonprofits sometimes need to raise money, get public attention, and host events. When this is the case, marketing methods to the local community are key. While digital marketing can reach the right audience. It’s not as effective as direct mail is in this situation. Direct mail lets the local community members know about causes in the area and upcoming events they can attend to show support. Direct mail also provides a much more personal touch that nonprofits can benefit from. At Phoenix Blueprints, we can make sure to reach your target audience by utilizing logos, designs, colors, and imagery that you believe will resonate well. Whatever the goal or cause is that you are representing, we can bring it to life.


Small Businesses

Operating a small business takes a lot of work. But what small businesses do not always have that large company do is resources and manpower. It takes a lot of time and energy to learn and adapt to the ever-changing digital marketing strategies needed to stand out. And while social media may be manageable for most small businesses, having a long-term online strategy may be difficult. On top of that, figuring out SEO and putting in the work may not be feasible. And hiring someone to do this work isn’t always within the budget or cheap. But, direct mail methods of marketing are affordable and do not require a long-term strategy. You can simply send out mailers or postcards when you have something you want to promote. Online methods take continuous maintenance, but mailers can be a one-time thing or an ongoing thing. It’s all up to you!


Get Your Organization or Business on the Map!

With direct mail marketing in South Florida and the help of Phoenix Blueprints (https://seemoreblueprints.com), you can reach your target audience. Whether you have a large business, small business, or nonprofit, direct mailers can help you get noticed. Our goal is to hear your vision and make it come alive in the form of mailers. Whether you want postcards, door hangers, or brochures, we can create them. Give us a call today at (954) 914-7994 to learn more.

How to Get Your Potential Customers’ Attention with Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

In the excessive information age, many business owners and marketers think it’s worth being the annoying ad before streaming a video or the random promotion on social media. However, all this does it saturate your potential customer’s feed and make your page that much more unappealing. You don’t want your business to become another post on social media that gets scrolled past; you want to stand out from the competition. But how do you this? You utilize Direct Mail Marketing from Phoenix Blueprints! 

Consumers today have developed an autonomous mental screening process to ignore online advertisements when scrolling on social media. Statistics show that the average potential customer only deems 2% of ads worthy of “valued attention,” or roughly 100 out of every 5,000 ads they see online. Rather than fight for valued attention, your business needs to make direct contact with potential customers. By contacting your potential customers with postcards or flyers, you can be sure that your advertisement is seen by your customers. When you choose Phoenix Blueprints to design, print, and mail your business’ postcards, you’re guaranteed direct contact to at least two people per postcard: the person receiving the postcard and the mail person who delivered it. Compared to social media or email marketing, you won’t be left in the dark about whether your advertisement was seen by potential customers.

Many businesses have switched from traditional mail marketing to online marketing because of analytics and a higher probability of being noticed. However, the problem is is that it’s still a probability. Your ad may be seen, but it also may be overlooked. With Direct Mail Marketing from Phoenix Blueprints, the customer will physically feel your ad and read at least the title of the ad. Online customers are great, but they are struggling with skepticism about products and ads. Fake news, privacy concerns, and other reasons cause more and more customers to be put off with online ads, not even giving the business’ social media page a glance. Don’t allow this to be your business. If you want to draw in more customers and grow your brand name, consider switching to Direct Mail Marketing from Phoenix Blueprints! 

As big tech battles with the government about privacy, work ahead of the curve by choosing Phoenix Blueprints to mail out a custom-made postcard or flyer that captures the attention of your customers. At Phoenix Blueprints, we offer the best available postcard design, printing, and marketing in Coral Springs. Additionally, with greater initiatives in place to help the United States Postal Service, more and more people are checking their mail. With a greater emphasis on physical mail, put your business’ ads in the hands of customers checking their mailboxes more often.

Research shows that direct mail requires significantly less cognitive effort to process than digital media. This finding suggests that physical ads are not only easier to understand but make a lasting impression on your potential customer compared to digital media. The same study found that brand recognition also increases through direct mail: 75% of customers who received direct mail were able to recall the brand. In comparison, only 44% of customers who received digital ads could do the same. Furthermore, by opting for Direct Mail Marketing, your ads won’t get detected by a firewall and automatically sent to a Spam folder. Your postcard will reach the right customers at the right time, allowing your brand to grow and succeed. When you choose Phoenix Blueprints for your Direct Mail Marketing needs, it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Contact us today!

By choosing Phoenix Blueprints for your Direct Mail Marketing needs, you’re putting your business’ name, number, and offer in the hands of the customers you’re looking to connect with. If a customer doesn’t want your ad, they physically have to throw it away or recycle it, rather than click a button on a laptop. This delay in time allows people to think and consciously think through whether or not they need to throw away this ad. They may second guess themselves, and keep the ad in case of emergency, and just like, you’ve placed a successful ad at the home of a new customer. To get started, call Phoenix Blueprints today by dialing (954)-945-9399!


The Power of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

Here’s How Direct Mail Marketing Can Benefit Your Small Business

Direct Mail Marketing

Marketing is one of the hot topics of the business world, but few companies truly succeed in marketing their business. We all know large, multinational corporations that spend millions on their marketing efforts, but as a small business, you don’t have access to the same resources. However, there are tons of ways you can boost your brand, including online marketing, social content marketing, influencer marketing, and SEO marketing. Unfortunately, the online market has become overly saturated with content. All this content makes important messages difficult to find, and possibly force you to miss out on deals or new information. As a small business, you need a more tangible marketing strategy – and direct mail marketing is a great place to start!  Direct mail marketing is a form of marketing that utilizes postcards or flyers to be sent directly to prospective customers’ homes. 


Market to a Specific Target Audience

The main reason more and more companies are using direct mail marketing is because it allows you to target specific neighborhoods or communities that have the demographic of customers you’re looking for. By using direct mail marketing with Phoenix Blueprints, your business will create a direct connection to the demographics you’re trying to market to. By using zip codes and other public information, Phoenix Blueprints can help you advertise your company to the community you’re attempting to do business with.


Provide Impactful Content

A major problem with digital marketing is that posts can seem either too short or come across too long. By opting for a physical product, you know the dimensions you’ll be working with, so your content looks better for your potential customers. With flyers and postcards, you can put more of your services into your marketing. You can add your slogan, a catchy title, and the services you provide to offer a landing page, of sorts, to your audience. Stop worrying about whether your social media profile looks aesthetically pleasing and start delivering quality content to your community. 


Guaranteed Opening Rate  

A significant reason direct mail marketing works well with small businesses is that there is a guaranteed opening rate. The goal with marketing is to convert their interest into a sale, and that can’t be achieved if your content gets lost in a spam folder. Research suggests that once someone physically has touched a product, they feel more inclined to purchase it. To capitalize on this fact, begin investing in postcards or flyers to give prospective customers a tangible product to pique their interest! The more you are direct with your messaging, the better your chances will be to gain some potential customers. 



Arguably the most common reason companies choose direct mail marketing is its affordability! By choosing direct mail marketing from Phoenix Blueprints, you can bulk order your postcards or flyers to be sent to your prospective customers’ homes, saving your business money while still reaching more prospective customers. It’s an excellent option for those that are looking to start small and measure the impact. At Phoenix Blueprints, we recommend that business professionals should test the zip code first before deciding upon a bulk order. Once you know where you want to target your direct mail marketing strategy,  you can begin to invest more in this marketing strategy!


At Phoenix Blueprints, we’re here to help you with all of your printing needs. Our team is filled with knowledgeable individuals dedicated to producing high-quality postcards and flyers for your direct mail marketing needs! Phoenix Blueprints also offers printed business cards, brochures, catalogs, T-shirt printing, booklets, door hangers, and much more! When you choose Phoenix Blueprints, you can expect high quality and fantastic prices. With over ten years in the industry, we’re sure that we can help you with what you’re looking for. If you’re ready for the world to learn more about your brand, then give us a call today at (954)-945-9399 to get started!

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