Business Cards Still Matter

Handing out business cards to potential clients has been a standard practice for decades. Now that we are entering a digital age, many of us wonder if it is still necessary. 


For any business owner looking to increase sales and establish ties with potential clients, business cards are essential.


According to experts at Forbes, business cards are meaningful and personal. They also are a physical reminder that cannot be replicated by exchanging phone numbers. It is a way of exposing your brand to potential clients in a way that digital communication simply cannot do.


Getting your business cards printed has never been easier! 


Our online templates and design tools put you in control of your business card design. Prices start as low as $25 and the options are limitless. You can choose from many types of papers, finishes, customized shapes, and layouts for your business cards.


Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using business cards in Coral Springs, Fl.

Business cards help you earn trust with clients.

Earning the trust of a potential client is as important as maintaining it once they start using your services. Handing a business card to someone shows them that you take them seriously. It is an essential tool when establishing initial contact with customers.


When someone has your business card it gives them access to your contact information immediately. It gives people an unconscious feeling of safety that they can reach out to you whenever they need it.

Making that first impression improves with business cards.

Making a good first impression can be the deciding factor for a successful business deal. Giving someone your business card during an initial visit tells them certain things about you. It shows you are available and open to communication at any time. It also shows that you always come prepared. They will see your business as legitimate and committed to success.


With properly designed business cards, you will leave a lasting impression. Once they see your card, potential clients will find it easier to remember you. Leaving a lasting impression is what you want when meeting someone for the first time. 


Business cards do exactly that.

Business cards are an effective and simple business tool.

Looking at a business card for even a few seconds makes a lasting impression. Your company’s branding will stay in the back of someone’s mind for whatever services or products you offer. 


What better way to make sure they are thinking of you when deciding on who will take care of their needs? 


Business cards are small and portable, meaning that they will always be within reach. Having your business card readily available makes it a lot easier for clients to just pick up your contact information to get in touch with you. 


Instead of scrolling through their contact list, all they have to do is reach for their wallet.

Networking should begin by handing out your business card.

Making a genuine human connection is essential to establishing a business relationship. If you are attending a networking event, a card is as important as a handshake. Conferences, tradeshows, and business summits are a fact of business life. 


Making connections with customers and people in your industry is made easier.


Your goal when creating a business relationship is to get your point across as quickly as possible. By handing them your business card, you create an uninterrupted flow in your presentation. 


Having to stop and say, “OK, let me call your number so you can save my contact info.” immediately takes the focus away from the message you are trying to get out.


People get distracted easily, especially with all the things going on at a networking event. Handing out your card while sticking to the message helps clients focus on you.


Business cards are an economical way to promote your brand.

The costs associated with having custom printed business cards are minimal so you don’t have to worry about your marketing budget taking a huge hit. 


Contact us for a custom quote and see just how affordable this marketing tool is. 


Gaining a client from just one business card can affect your bottom line far beyond the cost of the box.


Boosting your brand identity and image is the main point of a business card. The contact information on it is just an added benefit. 


Having a properly branded and well-designed card will leave a lasting impression, and it is a way to make sure your business is remembered.

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