All You Need to Know About Brochure Printing

Brochures are a classic way of sharing information. Whether you’re using them to tell what your brand stands for, showing off a new product, or even as educational material, they are integral to any marketer’s mix. 

Brochure printing, however, can be a complicated process. In this article, we will demystify all of the complexities often associated with this process.

But first, let’s start with the basics. 

What Is a Brochure?

A brochure is a printed piece of paper that often features important information about a brand and its products or services. Usually, brochures are folded into smaller sizes. This makes them convenient to carry around tradeshows, events, reception centers, and several other events. 

Why Should You Get a Brochure Printed for Your Business?

While it may not be a priority for many new-age businesses, print marketing used to be the talk of the town when social media was still taking its first footsteps. A well-designed brochure can effectively improve your brand’s recall in a world that devotes too much time to a cell phone. 

Here are a few more elaborate reasons:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Brochures are made from highly affordable paper, and if you’re opting for a bulk package, you can get an additional discount on bulk brochure printing. Regular customers can also enjoy discounted prices. 

  • Tool for Promotion

Brochures represent what you stand for. They’ve helped marketers communicate their ideas and their brand’s moral values inexpensively for the longest of times. Applying the same strategy in the year 2021 won’t seem outdated – it’s going to help you stand out in a world that has become increasingly reliant on digital tools. 

  • Establishing Authority

The downside of digital marketing is the fact that several companies start with digital platforms and stay there. However, when you use company-produced literature for your promotional efforts, you let your consumers know they’re dealing with an established business. It tells them you’re willing to invest in unconventional tools to ensure customers are on the same page.

Things You Need to Stay Wary of while Getting a Brochure Printed

  • Cost

The cost of the brochure printing service is one of the most considerations you’ll have to make. While you may want to save you money, it shouldn’t come at the expense of a poor-quality brochure. You’ll have to find the perfect balance between cost and quality. 

  • Color

You should decide the colors you’re going to use on your brochure before you’ve chosen a potential brochure printing service. Apart from choosing attractive and vibrant colors, it is also important you stick to your brand’s theme. Before you select a color, check the samples for the colors you want on the finished shades. 

  • Content

Even the best brochure printing services won’t create engaging content for you. For this, you’re going to need a professional copywriter if you don’t think you’ll be able to create a copy that grabs attention. A brochure’s copy needs to have, concise sentences that get the message across and suit your target audience. 

This way, you’re going to attract customers a lot more easily. 

  • Stock

Before you start searching for brochure printing companies, think about the stock quality and thickness you want your pages to have. A thicker stock means a higher price, but it also has a premium feel and aesthetics. That said, there will be several thickness options you can choose from, and each of them works well in certain situations. 

  • Ink

The ink choices you have can also vary by the brochure printing company you choose. You may find a variety of shades, types, and inks made from different ingredients in your search. Some options for ink are more eco-friendly than others, while some can be costly because of the premium aesthetics they offer. 

  • Binding

The appropriate binding choice for your brochure is a top consideration you’ll have to make. Some types of binding can work well with certain items. The binding option that works for someone else may not work for you. Look at all the binding options you have, and then choose the one that fits your choice of binding the best. 

  • Experience

Lastly, the best brochure printing service handles brochure printing jobs regularly, perhaps a company like Phoenix Blueprints. Whether it’s business cards, blueprints, postcards, t-shirts, or booklets, they’ve done it all. 

Wrapping Up 

All in all, your brochure marketing attempts depend heavily on the company your choose for brochure printing. Contact Phoenix Blueprints for all your brochure printing needs if you’re trying to stand out from the competition using state-of-the-art print technology services. Call us today on 954 708 1100 or visit our website for more information.

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