8 Tips To Create A Memorable Logo For Your Business

Your logo expresses what your business stands for. It represents the promise of outstanding service you deliver to your customers. When customers think of your company, your logo is probably the first thing that will come to mind. In many ways, your logo is your first impression, so make it count. If you’re beginning a new business, it may be challenging to match your logo to your message. There are no set rules when coming up with ideas for a logo but generating ideas can be difficult. To help get your creative juices flowing, consider these tips for memorable logo designs. When it’s time to print your logo across your marketing material, you know where to turn for booklet, postcard, and brochure printing in Coral Springs, Fl. 

Keep It Simple

Nobody is going to remember a complicated design. The most memorable logos today have a simple, but memorable image that customers automatically recognize. Think about the McDonald’s logo. This logo is nothing but one letter: M. Naturally, this makes it easy for people to remember the M and associate it with delicious burgers and French fries. What about Apple Inc.? The logo for this technology company is literally an apple. Again, the design is easy to remember, which makes linking the logo design to the brand message easier for consumers. They instantly see the logo and recognize the company behind it.

Don’t Be Controversial

In today’s culture, a lot of companies are trying to shock their customers with the belief that controversy sells. That may be true, but don’t apply this practice to your logo design if that won’t appeal to your audience. Consider your audience when coming up with ideas and create a logo that will attract them.

Do Be Versatile

Another consideration when coming up with logo designs is if it will look good no matter where it is used: coffee mugs, keychains, even booklet printing. Ask yourself if it is versatile enough to look good on:

  • Different colored backgrounds
  • Different types of layouts
  • Different marketing materials (from postcards to t-shirts)

It should also look good when scaled to different sizes. If your logo has a lot of words that make it hard to read when scaled down, you may have to go back to the drawing board.

Don’t Be Trendy

The problem with trends is what looks good today will be outdated tomorrow. Consider some of the most popular fashion trends, for example. So, if you want your brand to stand out decades from now (in a good way), create a logo that transcends what’s currently popular.

Brainstorm Ideas

Even if you and your partner came up with the business idea, that doesn’t mean you have to come up with the logo idea on your own. In fact, you may benefit more by brainstorming with your employees.

Think About SEO

Part of logo design isn’t just creating the image but coming up with a name. Before you come up with a name, consider if it’s a commonly used word and if other companies have the same one. With the right name, it shouldn’t be difficult to spot your website when customers search your brand. Additionally, a unique name makes it easier to rank higher on search engine ranking pages.

Make It Flexible For The Future

There may come a time when your business idea will evolve, and your name will have to evolve with it. For example, Apple Computers had to change its name to Apple Inc. because they branched out into phones and media players. Even if you don’t think you will make such a drastic change, consider a broad, general name that can be adaptable in case you change it in the future.

Create Multiple Logos And Names

If you thought coming up with one logo idea was hard, you won’t like this suggestion: create multiple logos and test all of them out with focus groups. This is a great way to determine whether your target audience will be attracted to your logo and name. With the focus group, make sure to ask highly specific questions and be prepared for follow-up questions to gather as much information for when you go back to the drawing board.

We Can Help

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