3 Benefits of Postcard Marketing

If you run a business you may be looking for a fun way of standing out amongst your competitors. Everyone’s first thought when considering their options is social media, and we can’t blame them. 2020 marks the digital age and the new digital world we live in; however, this type of marketing can get stale very quickly. The reason is that every business has jumped on the social media train. Facebook and Instagram users cannot seem to go on these apps without being bombarded by 90% ads and 10% content now. And trust us that is not going to keep users coming back to the app. For a unique but seemingly traditional way of advertising, you should consider postcard marketing. Postcard marketing is a form of advertising that combines the best part of the past with the best part of the future. Your postcards can be digitally crafted to reflect absolutely any message you want it to. Whether you are opening a new location, have a huge promotion going on, or want to introduce a new service, we have you covered. With the power of technology, your postcard can be crafted to catch any customer’s eye. The best part is they will get a touch of nostalgia by receiving this p-pleasing to the eye advertisement in the mail, something some businesses just do not put effort into anymore. If you don’t believe us, keep reading to learn some of the other awesome benefits of postcard marketing.

  • Postcards are Cost-Effective

If you think sending a letter is cheap then you will be surprised to hear sending a postcard is cheaper. The best thing about postcards is that they get the job done at a low cost. The average postcard costs cents to send out to people, and the more people you send it to the lower the cost is going to be. Time after time we see businesses pour all of their money into advertising and marketing. While this may work out for them, it greatly minimizes their profits and will eventually backfire. You need to go with an advertising method that is equally as effective as it is affordable. This way you are getting the best of both worlds.

  • Postcards are Targeted

Something a billboard cannot do for you directly targets a demographic. Sure, you can have a billboard in a town or city that you feel you have a lot of customers in, but that does not mean everyone who lives there will be coming to you for your services. When you go with postcards you are directly sending the postcard to specific people. These people are in a demographic that likes what you have to offer, making them more inclined to go to you next time they need what you are offering. The best part is, the people receiving these postcards may ask others around them about your company. People tend to be closer to those in a similar demographic to them. Chances are someone they know will have used your service or product before and will have something good to say. This works as a method of free marketing for you, a major win-win. This is where that phrase works smarter not harder starts to come into play.

  • Postcards are Attractive to the Eye

One of the many benefits of postcard marketing is that postcards are attractive to the eye. When people go to grab their mail and sort through it, chances are it’s going to be a bunch of white envelopes. But when they see a brightly colored postcard with graphics on It they are going to stop and take a look. This is all thanks to the digital method of designing postcards. With our team on your side, you are sure to have an eye-catching postcard that is bound to make many people curious about your company.

Whatever you need advertising for we are here to help you get your message across in a unique and eye-catching way. When you go with Phoenix Blueprints you are getting high-quality postcards that are guaranteed to make customers stop and look. We work closely with you to determine what vision you have for your company and how we can make it a reality. For the digital company, you can trust, go with Phoenix Blueprints. Give us a call today at (954) 371-0197 to learn more.

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